Almojábanas are a Colombian favorite - cheesy rolls made with cornmeal and eggs. Almojábanas can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. Gluten Free.
Empanadas con Aji
Empanadas are a popular snack in Colombia, these delicious fritters are made with shredded beef, chicken or veggies. Pair them with Aji our homemade mild or spicy sauce.
Yuca Frita
Yuca (also called cassava root) is a starchy root vegetable used often in Colombia cooking. Yuca has a starchy and more fibrous texture than a potato, and one of the best ways to enjoy that starchiness is to fry it. Yuca fries, always cut into thick wedges, are crispy on the outside and soft but densely textured on the inside; finally it is served with delicious garlic and spices sauce.
Gluten free.Vegan.
Arepa rellena
Arepa is a flatbread made with corn dough or cooked flour, very prominent in the cuisine of Colombia. Its use is eaten daily in some south America countries and can be served with various accompaniments such as cheese, chicken , meat or vegetables. Gluten free.
Patacones or Tostones are made from green plantains peeled and cut cross-wise. It is served in all over Colombia as a side dishes or as an appetizer with hogao or guiso (tomato and onion sauce). Guiso is a staple and base for most of what the people cook in Colombia. Also the people enjoy patacones with any kind of meat.
Gluten free -Vg
Arepas served with the grilled Colombian chorizo sausage.
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Arroz con pollo
Arroz con pollo means “Rice with Chicken” in Spanish. Colombian-Style arroz con pollo is one of the most popular dishes in Colombia and South America, but every country has their own variation. An arroz con pollo you find in Colombia may be quite different than one you find in Mexico or Peru.
Qué bacano arroz con pollo is made with some fresh local vegetables, fresh local chicken and served with “patacones” (crispy green plantains). Gluten Free
Arroz Mixto
This is the Colombian version of the world famous Chinese fried rice, and it was one of the staple dishes at our house growing up in Colombia. This Arroz Mixto is one of the most popular dishes in the country.
Arroz Atollado
This is a fantastic family meal from the Cauca or western region of Colombia. It is made with pork, chicken, sausage, small potatoes and some vegetables. Served with maduros (ripe plantains).
Pollo a la Criolla
It is a Delicious Combination of Chicken, mushrooms, small Potatoes and vegetables. Served with rice, patacones and salad.
Picada Colombiana
Picada or Picada Colombiana is a delicious Colombian cuisine mix , prepared with pieces of steak, chicken, arepa, papa criolla (small potatoes), yuca (cassava), chorizo, tomatoes and plantain. The ingredients are usually fresh and home made. The word picada means chopped in Spanish. Often served on large platters, picadas are usually served at gatherings and for special occasions. (Gluten free)
Ceviche de camarones
This Ceviche de Camarones or Shrimp Ceviche is very popular on the coast of Colombia, but it is also enjoyed throughout the country. It is a simple and easy way to cook shrimp. It’s a wonderful and delicious appetizer (or as entrée) to serve when having company. In Colombia, it is usually served on a bed of Romaine lettuce and avocado with saltine crackers and lemon or lime wedges on the side. Gluten free
Bandeja Paisa
“Country Dinner”.It is probably the most well known meal in Colombia. In fact, the Colombian it is the national dish. There are several components that make up the traditional bandeja paisa that include red beans, rice, ground beef, chorizo with lime, plantain, arepa, avocado, fried egg on top and of course a big slice of chicharron or fried pork belly. Gluten Free. WEEKENDS ONLY
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Tres Leches
"Bacano dessert" (bacano means cool or nice, it is a Colombian idiom) is the house dessert. It is a delicious combination of milk,chocolate and soft cookies, which leave on your palate a fantastic flavor.Try it and Enjoy!
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Tropical Fuit Juices 16oz:

Mango, Lulo, Maracuyá (Passion Fruit), Guayaba (Guava), Guanabana (Soursop)



Colombiana, Manzana, Pony Malta, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 



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Almojábanas are a Colombian favorite - cheesy rolls made with cornmeal and eggs. Almojábanas can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. Gluten Free. $2.00