Our Story

The rich gastronomy and culture of Colombia is uncommonly known in Portland. Qué Bacano is on a mission to change that by introducing a deliciously unique culinary experience.

 Our menu at Portland Mercado is filled with traditional Colombian plates, such as Arroz con Pollo, Arepas, Ceviche and Bandeja Paisa, treats one would find in towns and cities across Colombia. Our open-air bakery inside the Portland Mercado building allows you to grab a quick empanada or order our arepas, almojabanas or tres leches in bulk to take home.

Colombia is truly as diverse in landscape as it is in cuisine -from the Carribean sea to the Pacific Ocean; the amazon jungle to the foothills of the Northern Andes mountain range, we are excited to share our heritage in Portland. ¡Que Bacano! 

Our People

"Que Bacano" is colombian slang used to describe something as cool, nice, hip, or radical. 

Andres Felipe Perez and Karen Castañeda, Husband and Wife, are natives of Colombia and the proud owners of Que Bacano Food & Bakery (BOTH locations at Portland Mercado).  

They came to this country to start a new life and follow their dreams. Andres & Karen joined the Portland Mercado and participated in its development. Originally a dentist in Colombia, Chef Andres learned culinary skills in Italy, and Karen graduated Medical School.